The most important things before considering purchasing a mini pet pig

  • For a relaxed and well behaved family pet only buy a de-sexed pig from a reputable breeder!
  • Check with your local council if you can keep a pet pig. This is a very IMPORTANT!
  • Suitable fencing and housing is an absolute must. We reserve the right to ask for photographic evidence of where you expect your mini pig to live before we accept orders.
  • An area of at least 20 square metres is ample to make a happy mini pet pig!
  • Finally... be kind and loving to your mini pig as they will return your love. They are special creatures and deserve nothing but the best in human kindness from you. They will give years of great times and memories in return!
  • Our prices include de-sexing, vaccinations, micro chipping, worming, birth certificates and an information pack.

Mini Pet Pig

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